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  • IDEA - NEW!!!
    Categories: Masks, Respiratory Protection

    Newly designed, extra wide view full face mask complying to European norms EN 136 – Class 3.

    - EPDM or silicone rubber facepiece with adjustable fasteners for the attachment of the harness.
    - The large panoramic visor is optically perfect and completely distortion free. It is protected by the frame, to ensure high resistance against scratches and abrasions.
    Categories: Breathing apparatuses, Respiratory Protection

    DIABLO range is enriched by the ADVANCED apparatus which, besides introducing highly innovative elements, resumes in one single model all the best key features of the previous ones.

    - The back pack consists of an anatomic plate made of self extinguishing synthetic resin, light and robust thanks to the fibre glass reinforcement.
    - The body harness is a composite structure made of self extinguishing textile.
  • DIRIN 500
    Categories: Filters, Respiratory Protection

    Filter series DIRIN 500

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