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The DPI Leonardo DIRIN 230 NBC A2B2E2K2HgP3 Filter is a critical asset when attending known or potential NBC incidents.
With an NBC A2B2E2K2HgP3-level combined filter element surpassing EN 14387 requirements, it achieves unparalleled performance, defending against Sarin and related CWAs, Tear Gasses, Organic TICs, Inorganic TICs, Acid TICs, Ammonia and Amine gases, Mercury, Dusts, Mists, Fumes, Biological Agents (including Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungal Spores), and Radioactive Dusts.
The DIRIN 230 NBC A2B2E2K2HgP3 filter seamlessly integrates with gas masks for a secure fit in today’s challenging environments.