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Series DIRIN 500 | DIRIN 530

D.P.I. has a wide range of dust, gas and combined filters: series 200 (to be used in pairs), series 230 and DIRIN (with threaded connector EN 148/1). Dust filters comply with the standard EN 143, gas and combined filters with EN 14387. All dust and combined filters with P2 and P3 are marked with R (reusable) and D (dolomite tested).

The DIRIN series includes antigas class 2 filters, combined class 2-P2 and 2-P3 filters built with screw-in connector EN 148/1. The container is made of syntetic resin or light alloy. They can be fitted on POLIMASK 330, POLIMASK 2000 Alfa, or SFERA, C607, SELECTA, IDEA full face masks.