DPI Sekur’s after-sales service includes maintenance, repair and spare parts management services. From the first contact with DPI qualified and competent technicians will be at the complete service of the customer. Staff are also trained to offer training in product use and maintenance.

Maintenance work can be carried out either at the PPE plant in Rome or on-site through MAV-equipped mobile laboratory. Such interventions can be framed under a multi-year scheduled maintenance contract*.

The services offered are:

  • Routine maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus, airline, air escape devices, full-face masks
  • Special maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus, air escape devices, full-face masks
  • Ultrasonic mask washing
  • Triennial reconditioning of composite cylinders

The cylinders in composite material require a THREE-YEAR re-testing (those in steel require a 10-year re-testing).

This intervention includes:

  • Cylinder identification, registration no. cylinder serial number and valve serial number;
  • Opening the valve until the cylinder is completely emptied;
  • Removal of the AP valve;
  • Inspection and cleaning of external part of cylinder;
  • Internal cylinder inspection;
  • Pressure water washing and air blowing;
  • Repeat internal inspection;
  • Check cylinder threading and AP valve threading;
  • Testing at 450 bar;
  • Cylinder drying;
  • Valve assembly on cylinder after OR 123 replacement;
  • Label application with epoxy resin on canister;
  • Issuance of acceptance certificate.

* Informative note

Respiratory protective devices must be used by trained personnel who have received suitable training and must necessarily undergo an adequate periodic maintenance procedure. This according to what is stated in the Ministerial Decree of 2 May 01 publ. on the Official Journal of the Italian Rep. No. 209 of 8 September 01, ordinary supplement No. 226, point 7.4. and standard UNI 11719:2018 “”Guide to the selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment, in application to UNI EN 529:2006.” Precisely in UNI EN 529: 2006, point 12, it is indicated that maintenance operations must be carried out by competent people and in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The UNI 11439 standard also provides useful information on the operation and maintenance of positive pressure compressed air open circuit self-contained breathing apparatus.

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